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Creative Ganpati Aarti Thali Decoration Design Ideas

Unique Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

On the festive of Ganesh Chaturthi, Decorate aarti thali is supposed to be an important part in order to perform Ganesh puja. We can decorate aarti thali with flower and diyas in many different ways. But here, we are listing the best 10 creative and  unique Ganesh aarti thali Decoration design and ideas which are you definitely love it.

# 1. Aarti Thali Decoration Idea for Ganesh Chaturthi
designer puja thali
Five mice are harnessing this sweet cart, all set to welcome the festivity and celebration. Another important feature is the diya which looks like lotus flower made of pistachio shells. A beautiful execution of a wonderful idea! Such kind of decorating aarti thali for ganesh ustav is nice idea. Read More...

# 2. Amazing Aarti Thali Decoration Idea
puja thali decoration idea
These are some extremely amazing aarti thali decoration ideas for Ganpati. One unique aspect of this aarti thali decoration is the incorporation of the art of paper quilling. You can use beads to accentuate the beauty. Place the fruits and sweets on small plates made of colored dough. Read More...

# 3. Decorate With Dry Fruits
diy aarti ideas
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This idea of decorating beautiful aarti thali with dry fruits and spices by placing diya in the center to mark the auspiciousness of the occasion. You can use this ideas to decorate your aarti ki thali too. Read More...

# 4. Designer Thali Decoration Idea
pooja thali decoration pictures
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Designer Thali is the best idea and if you want to make one yourself, all you need is a collection of coloured papers with designs of leaves, flowers already painted. Stick them according to your requirement and that's all! Read More...

# 5. Pista Laced Thali Design
thali design
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This unique thali decoration is one of the most unique and prettiest ideas. To prepare a pista laced thali, you need to stick a red or maroon velvet paper on the plate. Take half pista shells and paint them with golfer colour or other colours you like. Once they have dried, paste them on the edges of the plate. Read More...

# 6. Unique Simple Aarti Thali Decoration Idea
decorative thali making ideas
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As you can see, you can decorate aarti thali using green coloured rice and mogra buds. You can also place the diya in thali at the corner which completes the idea. Read More...

# 7.  Decorate Thali With Mogra Buds
kundan pooja thali
Decorate your aarti thali by spreading green colored sand on it. Use mogra buds that look quite contrasting around the small terracotta pots containing pooja essentials. Read More...

# 8. Swastik Decoration Idea
pooja decoration ideas
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This Ganesh Chaturthi, Decorate aarti thali with swastik shape with all dry fruits, coloured rice and flowers.

# 9. Colour Based Theme For Aarti
pooja thali making
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You need to play with bright and different colours in order to decorate your aarti thali. The best colours you can use are green which resembles nature and the traditional red. Set silver containers in each corner of the aarti plate so that it does not get mixed up with the decoration. Read More...

# 10. Copper Plate Decoration Idea
puja decoration
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Copper is a good metal as it not that heavy and has a long shelf life too. On the occasion of ganesh ustav, use copper thalis and decorate it in this manner. Beads is the only item which is used in this Ganesh aarti thali decoration. Read More...
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