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Top 20 Places to Visit in the U.S.A

Exotic Places to Travel in the U.S.A

Are you planning an exotic trip abroad ? Here is a list which is an introduction to the best and most popular places to go in the United States,You will find a mix of natural wonders,astonishing recreational areas, and charming cities representing the best of what the United States has to offer.

# 1. Kennedy Space Center
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Cape Canaveral, located on the coast of Florida, boasts a lot of space-related attractions. One of the best is the Kennedy Space Center, which has been the launch site for every US human space flight since 1968 and currently operates as a launch site for unmanned rockets. Visitors can learn more about the early pioneers into space, and they can also experience the tension and excitement over the rush to the moon. Read More...

# 2. Bryce Canyon National Park
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Located in Southern Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a breathtaking display of rock formations. Technically, Bryce Canyon isn’t a canyon, but a series of natural amphitheaters. Mormon settlers once called the canyon home, but now most visitors come for the awe-inspiring views and the magnificent hiking opportunities. Sunset Point is one of the most popular vantage points, offering panoramic views of the red, yellow and orange rock formations. Read More...

# 3. Grand Canyon
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To experience some of the most inspiring views America has to offer, plan a trip to Grand Canyon National Park. Read More...

# 4. Honolulu - Oahu
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Oahu features a nice balance of urban and beach environments. And with pleasant weather year-round, there really is no bad time to visit. Waikiki Beach promises to please, but be forewarned: There's a good chance you will be greeted by a barrage of tourists. Read More...

# 5. Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Once little more than a pit stop between Atlanta and Nashville, the nature-centric 'Noog has transformed itself into a bastion of elevated Southern living. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Chattanooga for some of the best rock climbing in the country, myriad hiking and mountain biking trails and wild rides on the Ocoee River – one of America's top spots for whitewater rafting. Read More...

# 6. Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden also got a revamp, with 18 new works by famous chiselers. Read More...

# 7. San Francisco

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Symbolized by the red rafters of the Golden Gate Bridge, this legendary city on San Francisco Bay is known for its neighborhoods, like Chinatown and the hippie-turned-haute enclave of Haight-Ashbury. While San Francisco is an ideal city for nature lovers as well as the jet set, it is also a great jumping-off point for trips to the wine country of Napa Valley and Sonoma County or to the colossal tech campuses of Silicon Valley. Read More...

# 8. Nantucket, Massachusetts

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A trip to Nantucket is like visiting a faraway fairytale land -- one set against a bright blue backdrop of ocean and bay in a community of simple, weathered white cottages surrounded by wild roses. This former whaling community has quaint neighborhoods and a beach for everyone, including Surfside Beach and Children's Beach, both of which feature calm waters and no shortage of sandcastles. Read More...

# 9. Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls is actually a set of three falls, consisting of the largest section known as Horseshoe Falls, a second section on the American side of the river known as the American Falls, and a much thinner section located next to the American Falls, known as Bridal Veil Falls. Read More...

# 10.Yellowstone National Park
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Yellowstone National Park is home to a huge ancient volcano which has resulted in a dramatic landscape and awesome natural phenomena. Geysers and hot springs, along with incredible waterfalls along the Yellowstone River are just some of the attractions drawing in huge numbers of tourists each year. The park, the oldest national park in the USA, is also home to all kinds of wildlife, with free roaming bison, bighorn sheep, antelope, black bears, and grizzly bears. Read More...

# 11. St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Petersburg is a superbly sunny destination in the gorgeous Tampa Bay area. The world-renowned Salvador Dalí Museum, impressive inside and out, is located here, as is pretty Fort de Soto Park, with its palm-studded sandy beaches. Catch some eye-popping street art out and about or visit some of Dale Chihuly’s incredible glass sculptures at the Chihuly Collection. Read More...

# 12. Santa Fe — New Mexico
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Pull a Georgia O'Keeffe and lose yourself in Santa Fe's otherworldly landscapes. Check out local artists' work in the many galleries along Canyon Road, and see O'Keeffe's famous animal skull paintings at her eponymous museum — then ponder all of this artistic magnificence over margaritas and a big bowl of guac and chips. Read More...

# 13. Las Vegas — Nevada
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What happens in Vegas … well, you know the saying. Sure, you can get as naughty as you want in Sin City, but you just might be too busy seeing shows, such as Cirque du Soleil's O, dining in trendy restaurants from celebrity chefs, shopping in luxury arcades, gambling in casinos, and dancing in swanky clubs to do any permanent damage. Read More...

# 14. New York City
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The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham: whatever its name, New York City has something for every taste and every traveler. From incredible art galleries and museums to some of the world’s best restaurants, New York’s many offerings are well known to most visitors. Read More...

# 15. Miami
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White sand beaches, Cuban food, wild nightlife, gorgeous people, and amazing warm weather — what’s not to love about Miami! I don’t think I could ever live here, but for a weekend of fun in the sun, Miami is perfect. Read More...
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