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Unique and Easy Bun Hairstyles Ideas For Any Occasion

Different Types of Bun Hairstyles For This Summer

Bun hairstyle is the most popular hairstyles now-a-days. Different types of Simple and unique bun hairstyles are there that you can try for party and wedding that adds the royal look on your pretty face. Here are the collection of some stunning and unique bun hairstyle that are wearable for any occasion.

# 1. Messy Bun HairStyle

easy bun hairstyle
This hairstyle fuses two of our favourite things, fishtail braids and messy buns! So if you’re a bride-to-be, you’ve got to ask your hairstylist to try this messy hair bun while testing your looks for the wedding. Read More...

# 2. TwistTie Bun HairStyle
bun hairstyle with saree
Don’t be fooled by the look for this twistie bun, It’s isn’t as difficult as it looks! It’s easy to do and will look best if you have highlights in your hair. It’s one of those easy hairstyles that will add volume to your hair even when it’s in a bun. Read More...

# 3. Curly Bun
bun hairstyle for short  images
This is another classic Indian hair bun look. Most noteworthy is the curly pattern at the bottom which is kind of unique and will make for an impressive appearance at whatever event you are attending. Read More...

# 4. Traditional Bun
bun hairstyle
This knotted bun is perfect for looking neat and keeping hair out of the way to get work done. Read More...

# 5. Triple Mini Braided Bun
bun hairstyle images
Source @ galknows.com
  • Part the hair into three portions upper, lower and middle.
  • Get hold of hair from upper portion and start braiding it thereby making a bun out of this braid.
  • Do the same with middle and lower portion to get the triple action of mini braided buns.

# 6. Flower Braided Bun

bun hairstyle for short hair
Source @ galknows.com
  • Make a simple French braid in a reverse “s” style right up to the end of hair.
  • Roll the braided hair as to get flower like side bun hairstyles.
  • Loosen the pleats of flower bun as to feel the effect of petals naturally.
  • You may insert a small hair rhinestone at the center of the bun for a glorifying look.

# 7. Waterfall Braided Bun
bun hairstyle on saree
Source @ galknows.com
Part the hair into two portions and make a usual waterfall French braid from the upper portion leaving the bottom portion at rest. As soon as you complete braiding up the hair, hold the braid and rest of the hair together and twist them up to make a sexy bun. Read More...

# 8. Simple Fancy Bun
For this simple fancy bun all you need is a hair curler that you will use to carefully curl all the sections of your hair, some gentle hair balm or oil that will add extra shine and smoothness to your hair and ultimately some elastic bands and bobby pins that will help you create the fancy updo bun and keep it all in one place. Read More...

# 9. Quick And Easy Messy Bun
bun hairstyle for short hair
This looks like an average and conventional messy bun that has absolutely nothing special to it, but when you look closer, you will quickly notice the element of surprise – the tiara or the head band that accompanies the entire hairstyle! Read More...

# 10. Side Braided Bun
bun hairstyle at home
This particular bun actually combined two important elements that pertain to two different types of hairstyles:
  • Firstly, you get to section your hair and to create a lovely side braid.
  • Secondly, you must create a bun that you will secure as high up your head as possible.
  • The result is a half-casual half-formal hairstyle that will benefit every woman!

11. The Braided Bun
draw a bun hairstyle
  • Begin by making a sleek, high ponytail.
  • With the help of a thin comb’s handle, take out a section of your hair from the front, either from the left or right side (but not both sides).
  • Then, proceed by braiding this front section with your ponytail in desired style.
  • Finally, wrap the braid around the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

# 12. Elegant Rolled Tuck Bun
bun hairstyle bollywood
  • First, pull your hair into a tidy low ponytail.
  • Then, pull the hair right above the elastic into two parts and create a hole.
  • Next, roll and tuck the ponytail through the hole you created.
  • Now, loop it again until you reach the ends of your hair.
  • Finally, secure the bun with pins.

# 13. Bun With Scarf
half a bun hairstyle
Source @ diys.com
It’s textural, it’s fun and it works on all hair types.

# 14. Interlocking Braids, Compact Bun and Undercut
bun hairstyle bollywood
Braided hairstyles are an intricate way to take your locks from blah to bombshell. The interlocking braids seen on this bun for short hair add both depth and dimension to the overall edgy look. Read More...

# 15. Short Showcase of Color

bun hairstyle accessories online
One of the great things about short hair is that your hair coloring appointments get much more affordable. However, you can still show off your gorgeous, creative color with a side bun and braid combo that’s sure to shine. Read More...

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