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Different Ways to Wear a Scarf 2018

Creative Ideas to Wear a Scarf

Scarf is a fabulous accessory that you can do so many things with it. It adds color to your everyday look, keep you warm, and simply serve as a beautiful necklace to everyday life. But the question is how to wear it in daily life ? Don't Worry, Here are the some unique and stylish way to wear the scarf which you can use in daily life.

# 1. The Necklace Scarf
10 ways to tie a scarf
Source @ helloglow.co
Fold a long scarf if half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over your neck, then twist it and loop again.  It will add a beautiful look. Read More...

# 2. French Knot Scarf Idea
different ways to wear a scarf as a top
Source @ helloglow.co
This French twist last is easy to wear. Just fold the scarf in half put it around your shoulders. Take one loose end piece and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop. Read More...

# 3. The European Loop Idea
different ways to wear a hijab scarf
The European loop is a popular nowdays and easy way to tie your summer scarf. This style works well with any size oblong, pashminas, long linen and slim silk chiffon scarves. Fold the oblong in half length ways, drape around the neck.  Pull one end of the scarf through the loop of the folded end. Adjust to suit. Read More...

# 4. The Bow Style
different ways to wear a scarf on your head
The bow style is the perfect style for a fun and feminine way to model your summer scarf. A great look for printed florals. Loop the scarf around the neck twice. Hold each end and simply tie into a bow. Adjust to preferred length. A great way to dress up a simple look. A loose tie for a casual style or a tight bow for a more sophisticated look. Read More...

# 5. As An Arm Party
It’s no secret that you can actually use the small square scarf as an arm party. This is also a great way to give your wrist a break from all those heavy bangles. Try One. Read More...

# 6.  Sexy Bo Peep Style

A fresh take on cowgirl style with a hint of Little Bo Peep drama. Wear a denim shirt over high-waist black shorts and decorate the combo by tying a colorful silk square around your neck. Read More...

# 7. The Axl Rose Idea
how to wear a summer scarf 2019
Source @ bustle.com
The The Axl Rose look perfect if you are going to do party. It also look good at beach side. Read More...

# 8. Unique Metallic Dot Infinity Scarf
how to tie a scarf
Source @ wanelo.co
Wear this Metallic Dot Infinity Scarf style which gives traditional look and adds perfect look on you. This can also be suitable to wear in winter as well. Read More...

# 9. Pom Pom Scarf Knot
  • Place the scarf around your neck,Loop it.
  • Tie a knot on the one end,Tie a knot on the other end, Adjust. Read More...

# 10. Scarf Belt Idea
different ways to wear a scarf guys
Fold on and on the scarf till it gets the desired width. Wrap it around your waist and tie a knot at the back. Read More...

# 11. The V-Neck Back Tie
different ways to wear a square scarf around your neck
The first tie is one that I wear all the time because it's so easy. I've titled this tie the v-neck back tie because it is perfect for jazzing up v-neck t's and other open neck tops and blazers as I've done here. To achieve this....

  • Fold the square in half so it's a triangle
  • Now, tie the scarf around your neck with the v in front and the points in the back
  • Play around with it until it looks right and you're done! Read More...

# 12. The Long Tie
different ways to wear a scarf for guys
I debated including this tie because it's almost too easy! That said though, it's also one of the reasons I love it so much. This tie looks amazing with crew neck sweaters and turtlenecks alike but can also be worn over tank tops in the summer because it hangs away from the neck. To achieve this, grab either a medium or large square scarf and follow these steps.

  • Follow steps 1-3 of the "Petite Side Knot"
  • When you have a long rectangle simply drape it around your neck so that both points are facing front
  • Finally, tie the two points together as close to your neck as you like et voilà!  Read More...

# 13. Street Style
different ways to wear a scarf on head
One of my favorite styles, because it takes your entire outfit to a whole new level in a jiffy! Read More...

# 14. Open Scarf Idea
how to wear a scarf in winter 2018
Wear your scarf open around your neck to create an elevated but relaxed look to your ensemble. Read More...

# 15. Shoulder Wrap Style
Searches related to how to tie a short neck scarf
To tie this simple shoulder wrap style this winter, it will give you a wow look. Read More...
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