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Unique and Creative DIY Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas

Handmade Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas For Navratri

At the time of Navratri, Aarti thali has special significance. Some things must be specially on the plate of aarti, out of which God should be given and Kumkum. There are many aarti plates are avliable in the market but decorating aarti thali with the DIY idea is one of the most interesting thing, so Here are our awesome collection of DIY aarti thali decoration ideas.

# 1. Kundan Aarti Thali
pooja thali decoration
Use kundan stones and beads to decorate your aarti thali. Make a star pattern using red and green stones. Read More...

# 2. Hand Painted Aarti Thali
 pooja thali
Source @ k4craft.com
This is a hand-painted aarti thali. You can also use it as your pooja thali. Apply red as the base color and make intricate patterns on it. Read More...

# 3. Multiple Kundan Aarti Thali
pooja thali
Source @ i.pinimg.com
This Multiple Kundan Aarti Thali has multiple kundan work of different colours. You can made this DIY aarti thali easily.

# 4. DIY Pooja Thali
diya thali
Here is an easy way to make your own pooja thali at home. Take a steel or acrylic plate and cover it with a nice fabric. Then, decorate it with kundan stones and gold lace. Read More...

# 5. Rajasthani Aarti Thali Decoration Idea
diya decoration
Source @ mypoojabox.in

  • a bandhej chunri cloth
  • yellow cloth, thali
  • adhesive
  • embellishments


  • Cut the cloth pieces in half-half the diameter of the thali. Apply adhesive on the thali and stick the cloth pieces.
  • Create Rajsthani murals or patterns using the embellishments. Decorate the edge with lace or thread.
  • Once done, let it dry. Now your puja thali decoration is complete!

# 6. Banana Leaf Swastika Thali
pooja thali images
Source @ mypoojabox.in
Require :
  • a banana leaf
  • pooja thali
  • marigold flowers
  • diyas
  • oil and red roli


  • Start by cutting the banana leaf in the shape of the puja thali.
  • Keep the leaf in the plate. Now, create a Swastika pattern using the oil first. Apply the roli onto it and let it sit.
  • Arrange the marigold flowers in circular manner with diya. Your puja thali is ready!

# 7. Aarti Thali For Navratri
thali plate
These amazing Navratri aarti thali decoration ideas force us to contemplate a trip to West Bengal. Durga puja or Navratri is one of their major festivals and is celebrated with great pomp and show. Read More...

# 8. Surajmukhi Diwali Puja Thali
decorative pooja thali design
For creating a Surajmukhi Diwali Puja Thali, all you need to do is take a yellow acrylic or poster color and then using it draw small sunflowers at the corners of the thali. Then at the center of the thali draw a  big sunflower but make sure there is some distance between the corner and the center flower. Your Surajmukhi Diwali Puja Thali is ready for use. Read More...

# 9. DIY Aarti Decoration Idea
decorative aarti thali images,
You can design this kind of DIY Aarti thali at home, the things you require are multi-coloured kundan, silver plate, glitter.

# 10. Multicoloured Diya DIY Aarti Thali
aarti thali decoration images
Source @ i.pinimg.com
This Multicoloured Diya DIY Aarti Thali set has multiple colorful diyas. You can put oil, wax, or gel in this and lit.
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