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Top Modern Kitchen Sink Design ideas 2018 | Different Types of Kitchen Sink Designs

# 1. Plano Designer Exclusive Kitchen Sink Design Tabletop Wash Basin Purple Top
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First Time in India..!!! Digitally Printed on Ceramic Kitchen sink design which you can buy to decorate your kitchen in stylish way. Know More...

# 2. Zinzer Granite Kitchen Sink : Single Bowl - Black Color
kitchen sink design images
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Pigmented Quartz Acrylic Material with Classic & Elegant design, Black color in Matt finish. Know More...

# 3. Janki Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
undermount sink
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Buy this Janki Double Bowl Kitchen Sink that gives perfect look to your Kitchen. Know More...

# 4. CAPSTONA Orchid Galala Stone Countertop/Tabletop Wash Basin Italian Marble Designer Beige Kitchen Sink
design considerations
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Natural stone products are subject to color variation, difference in highlights, lines & patches. Know More...

# 5. Plano Designer Kitchen Sink Tabletop Wash Basin JackFruit
small kitchen design layouts
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Fitting Style - Table Top ( Can be place on Platforms like Granite , Marble , Corian) Know More...

# 6. Homelody Desfau Black tap Kitchens Kitchen Top Kitchen Sink taps Kitchen Sink Mixer tap Kitchen Sink Water tap Spiral Spring tap with Pull-Out Designer taps
kitchen sink design in india
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Switzerland neoperl abs, up to 30% water saving, removable cleaning. Robust packaging very well packed in thick foam. Try one. Know More...

# 7. Lucky Vinyl Acrylic Wash Basin
kitchen sink area design
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It Contains Vinyl Acrylic Material, Available in Multi-Colour,  It is Round in Shape. Know More...

# 8. Plano Designer Sanitary Ware Table Top Washbasin HorizonBlue
kitchen sink,design considerations
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It's Tabletop Models Can be Fit on Platforms like Granite, Glass, Solid surfaces etc.. Know More...

# 9. Plano Designer Sanitary Ware Table Top Washbasin Black Flower

best kitchen sink faucet design
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Take this Plano Designer Table Top Washbasin Black Flower to decorate your Kitchen. Know More...

# 10. Lucky Burgundy Pebbles Wash Basin With Tap and Stand
kitchen sink design for small space
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Try out this Designer Kitchen Sink Design avilable exclusively on Amazon. Know More...

# 11. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Design
kitchen design black sink
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Double bowl modern kitchen sink designs have their special place in a contemporary cook room. They are simply convenient. A double basin is perfect for separating fresh produce from dirty dishes. If you are very meticulous about cleanliness, a double bowl sink is the perfect choice. Know More...

# 12. Shallow Waters Kitchen Sink Design
bagno design kitchen sink
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It also has gorgeous hardware and drain that is just too beautiful to hide. It’s a perfect addition to any contemporary cook room. Know More...

# 13. The Integrated Cutting Board  Sink

kitchen sink counter design
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This sink is a space and life-saver for cooks who are working in small kitchens. When the countertop is simply not enough, your sink can double as a workspace, either with an integrated cutting board or with an over-the-sink cutting board. This amazing kitchen sink design can save space in case of small kitchen room. Know More...

# 14. The Glass Kitchen Sink Design
kitchen sink cabinet ideas
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If you are looking for a slightly unusual but effective design, you can choose a glass kitchen sink. Depending on their manufacturing qualities, these sinks will be able to stand heavy loads and drops. Know More...

# 15. Drainboard Sink For Kitchen
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These types of sinks are great in galley kitchens or any limited space. Because the drainboard portion has a lip around it, it traps water and quickly drains it back to the sink. Know More...

# 16. Double Sink Design for Kitchen
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It gives great look to your kitchen and you can design it with more colours and idea. Know More...

# 17. Inset Glass kitchen sink
kitchen sink design ides
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Glass kitchen sink, inset, one and a half with drainer, hand-crafted from toughened glass and premium 18/10 stainless steel material. Available in white and black glass. Know More...

# 18. Ornately Carved Sink for your Farmhouse Kitchen
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This Ornately Carved Sink gives fabulous look to your Farmhouse Kitchen. Know more...

# 19. Classic White Sink with Handy Faucets
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Try out this Classic White Sink kitchen design with Handy Faucets. Know More...

# 20. Undermount Sink For Kitchen
mount styles
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This type of sink is recessed below the countertop, so the sink effectively hangs underneath the counter. Since the lip or rim of the sink does not sit on top of the counter, it creates a meticulous flow from countertop into the sink. The under mount sink is also easy to clean because there are no crevices where normally dirt or grime gets accumulated. Know More...
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