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Simple and Unique Mehndi Design For Rakshabandhan

Best Creative Mehndi Design Idea 2018

Mehndi is an art since ancient time and every woman love to make mehndi on her hand. Typically the most popular types of henna designs are Arabic, Indian & Pakistani designs. Some of the most stunning, simple, easy hand mehndi designs are here which you design on your hand for this rakshbandhan.

# 1. Charismatic Floral Design
Source @ beautyandu
This Floral pattern can be used in any kind of design like arabic, indian. It can be added to filling, shading, glitter gels to enhance the charm and beauty of it. Read More...

# 2. Arabic Mehndi Design
easy mehndi design
Source @ beautyandu
What can we say about Arabic Mehndi design, it looks simple, elegant and its easy to make. If you are attending a ceremony then its the best choice for you. Read More...

# 3. Lattice and Leaf Motifs
pakistani mehndi
If you have visited or seen pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful mosques; this lattice and leaf motif example of Arabic mehndi designs for hands is sure to invoke a sense of Déjà-Vu. Read More...

# 4. Shade Theme Based Design
mehndi designs for hands
Source @ i.pinimg
We feel that the above mehndi designs look good only in the red mehndi, avoid using it if your using normal henna paste.

# 5. Simple Mehndi Design
bridal mehndi picture
Source @ webneel
It is the latest trend among youth to apply different designs on different hands and at the same time look beautiful and trendy.

# 6. Beautiful Plain Mehndi
mehndi designs for kids
Source @ i.pinimg
You can try this beautiful plain mehndi which looks elegant on back hand. This is similar on both hand. you can also try it on one hand.

# 7. Glitter Mehndi

images of mehndi
It is Mehndi design with glitters. Now-a-days this is in trend. For any occasion or parties girls love to have some modern art added to the traditional one. The floral and “kalka” patterns of this mehndi design gets a volume with blue and green glitters. you can also try it on rakshabandhan. Read More...

# 8. Back Hand Mehndi
mehndi designs arabic simple
The next one is simple back hand mehndi which you can try is the age old Arabic style of Mehndi. This mehndi design is quiet rich and gorgeous. This kind of design requires lot of patience and hard work as each strand and each shape are very minute and perfect. Read More...

# 9. Floral Mehndi Art
latest mehndi designs for han
It depicts a couple of animals and birds. It has the peacock design merged along with the flowers. An elephant is drawn at the end of each hand, which gives the significance of royalty. Read More...

# 10. Gorgeous Rose Flowers Designer Back Hand Mehndi
best mehndi designs
Source @ sheideas
A Gorgeous Rose Flowers Designer Back Hand Mehndi looks beautiful on special occasion. Read More...

# 11. Latest Bangle Style Mehndi Design With Flowers
henna mehndi
Source @ sheideas
This type of style is made in bangle. That round and round gives a beautiful look to your hands and legs. This style make you not to be tensed in selection of bangles. As it is shown in mehndi design only. Read More...

# 12. Easy Mehndi Designs
mehndi design 2019
Source @ maxdio
This types of design is much popular in Dubai. It appears very elegant where flowers are usually more cleared & this stylish design is exorbitantly catchy. Read More...

# 13. Arabic Mehndi Designs
simple and easy mehndi ideas
Source @ maxdio
It is really simpler than Indian designs, you will mainly see heavy outlines of blooms, leaves & vines. The vibrant Arabic Style design is filled up with traditional Indian designs & styles. Read More...

# 14. African Mehendi Designs
mehndi design ideas
Source @ beautyhealth
This African mehendi design is simple geometric shapes, consisting on lines, square and dots. The space between the lines is not as much as that of Arabic designs. These designs cover your hands, arms like a dine mesh. Read More...

# 15. Foot Mehndi Design
menhndi design
Source @
This Foot mehndi gives the perfect look to your foot. you can try out this mehndi on this rakshabandhan.

If you like our Simple and unique mehndi designs and have suggestions for us, please share and comment.
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