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3-in-1 Charger Cable
Buy 3-in-1 Charger Cable In Nagpur
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Delivery Location - Nagpur
Product Name - 3-in-1 Charger Cable
Description -
Using 3-in-1 Charger Cable you can charge multiple devices at the same time from one USB port, or simply have the right cable handy for almost any device when you need it. Get all the charging cables you'll ever need in 1 compact solution. In 3-in-1 charging cable featuring the Apple 8-pin, USB Type C and micro USB connectors. On one end is a standard USB cable that can be used with any USB source. From there, 3 cables split off including a micro USB cable, Type C Cable, Apple 321-pin compatible cable.
Specification -
Type - USB Cable
Cable Type - Lightning, Micro, Type 'C' Cable 480 Mbps Speed 480 Mbps Speed
Connector 1 - 8 Pin Lightning,Micro and Type 'C'
Connector 2 - USB-A
Connector Material - Copper
Cable - Round
Part Number - AT16348
Model - 3 in 1 [Lightning, Micro USB, Type C] Multi Port Charging
Compatible Devices - Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Smart Watch, TV, Gaming Console, Camera
Suitable For - Mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart Phone, Mobile Charger, Mac Book, Tablet, Laptop, Hard Disk, TV
Conductor - 24AWG*28AWG
Corrosion Resistant - Yes
Other Cable and Connector Features - Tangle Resistant
Additional Features - Other Features
Fast Charging, Round Design, Silicon Tie - Warranty
Warranty Summary - 12 months STA warrenty
Covered in Warranty - Manufacturing Defects
Not Covered in Warranty - Breakage
Warranty Service Type - Off line
More Details
Generic Name - Data Cables
Offer Price Rs.200/-
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